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Crack/Cocaine Usage During Pregnancy

premature baby

One form of MR that has become talked about more widely in the last two decades is the incidence of "Crack Babies". This occurence happens when a pregnant mother uses crack cocaine during her pregnancy. Many people dispute whether or not this is an accurate term for those individuals who suffer from the effects of this drug. However, this may not be entirely true due to the fact that in most cases, crack/cocaine addicts also have more than just an addiction to crack cocaine.

Though there are some individuals who suffer from disorders caused by crack/cocaine, alcohol, and cigarette abuse, the label of "crack baby" is highly offensive, and is a label that follows that child for the rest of their lives.

The best way to prevent the possiblity of a child being born with this disorder is to just avoid drugs of any kind all together. This also prevents the risk of the baby being born stillborn or prematurely, or being born with a dependence on crack/cocaine.


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